How to use Paypal Goods and Services

Paypal Goods and Services can save you from buying a counterfeit item or just receiving an empty box. Therefore we have selected some thing you should always do when paying with Goods and Services.

How to use it
  1. Checking the email
  2. Description
  3. Film while opening

1. Checking the email adress

This is the easiest and most common thing to check. Is it registered on the person’s name or someone else. This can be a straight forward give away that the person is fake.


2. Description

You should always make a detailed description when transfering money in G&S.
When the description is not detailed enough, the seller is able to ship something else.

Example when you are buying a Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 with Datecode: AA0290:
Enter atleast this as description:
Item: Louis Vuitton Keepall 55
Datecode: AA0290
Condition: X/10 (No Rips, No Stains, No Odor)
Shipping: Double boxed and insured signed for track and trace
100% authentic

Now the sellers needs to ship it to you on this method.
The seller is also forced to use atleast an extra carton box to protect the item.
Always ask for insured and signed for tracking, with this way you know for sure that you will need to sign for delivery and you get the package. There are cases where the postdrivers are stealing packages, so always use this.


3. Film while opening

When you want to open a claim in case of an item that is not as described etc.
You will need proof of the item that was orignally in the package, the only way to ensure this for yourself is to film all packages. Place you phone on a table and unpack on the ground, or just ask someone to film it.
First, film that the package is intact and all tape is still there.
Secondly, film the shipping label on the package to proof it is the package.
Thirdly, film the opening and film the item you bought in all possible angels to prove the condition when received.


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